It’s a wrap!

It’s a wrap. Thanks to everyone who came to see me at Edinburgh this year.

Punderbolt end of fringe

Pun Guide to the Fringe

Whilst up here at the Edinburgh Fringe, I have made animation punning (almost) every comedian performing here:

You can read the full list here: British Comedy Guide – DARREN WALSH PUNS ON NAMES OF 180+ FRINGE COMEDIANS


I made a little trailer for this year’s Fringe


If you’re not in Edinburgh this August, you can come see my PUNDERBOLT show in London. Here are a list of dates.


I finally decided on a title for my Edinburgh Fringe show. It shall be called PUNDERBOLT. You can get tickets from the here. I think the title pretty much sums it up what it’s about.


I’m also doing a Work-in-progress show in Brighton in May