I’ll be doing my first hour this year, first stop is at the Museum of Comedy in January, Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival in February, Brighton Fringe in May and finally Edinburgh in August.

At the moment it’s named Punnoisseur, but that might change.

Comedy Pilot

This is an idea for a 30 min Comedy Sketch show, obviously it wouldn’t be as fast-paced, but you get the idea:

Cheep Laughs

I have been working very hard with Random House Publishing over the last few months on a Joke Book containing over 1000 jokes.

I am very pleased to announce it will will hit stores in October.
You can pre-order it for 2nd Oct on Amazon.

Cheep Laughs

This encompasses roughly half my jokes.

Edinburgh 2014

This is a clip from me in Edinburgh, so far..

World Pun Championships 2014

Here’s me at the O.Henry Pun-Off World Championships in Texas last month, in the ‘Puniest‘ category, dressed as a chicken.

The Competition has been going since 1978 and attracts serious punsters from across the country.

.. and here’s me bowing out in the ‘Punslingers‘ category to the then World Pun Title holder, Ben Ziek: http://youtube.com/watch?v=AResHVzJdZs