Joke Writing

Sometimes I get asked by companies to help them with writing jokes.

Below are some previous examples. If you would like to commission me please get in touch.

Comic Relief Mini Babybel

I was asked to write some cheese jokes for Babybel’s Comic Relief Campaign. The jokes were to be from the point of view of a Babybel. They were featured on the insides of cheese packets, trains and on bus stops. I didn’t think I’d be able to write that many jokes on just cheese, but once I got going it felt grate.

Mini BabyBel Comic Relief Cheeses

My Mother Always Told Me It's What Inside That Counts - Mini BabyBel Comic Relief Cheeses

I prefer to be displayed don the top rack. I'm shelf conscious - Mini BabyBel Comic Relief Bus Stop

Ever travelled through Surrey? It has it's Epsom Downs - Mini BabyBel Comic Relief Train

Small Business Saturday

I was asked by Small Business Saturday to come up with some shop jokes.

In a bid to celebrate how small companies are using humour to boost sales, the financial firm teamed up with comedian Darren Walsh to pen a series of retail-related puns.