Joke Writing

Sometimes I get asked by people to help them with writing jokes.

Below are some previous happy clients. If you would like to commission me please get in touch.

Comic Relief Mini Babybel

I was asked to write some cheese jokes for Babybel’s Comic Relief Campaign. The jokes were to be from the point of view of a Babybel. They were featured on the insides of cheese packets, trains and on bus stops. I didn’t think I’d be able to write that many jokes on just cheese, but once I got going it felt grate.

Mini BabyBel Comic Relief Cheeses

My Mother Always Told Me It's What Inside That Counts - Mini BabyBel Comic Relief Cheeses

I prefer to be displayed don the top rack. I'm shelf conscious - Mini BabyBel Comic Relief Bus Stop

Ever travelled through Surrey? It has it's Epsom Downs - Mini BabyBel Comic Relief Train

Small Business Saturday

I was asked by Small Business Saturday to come up with some shop jokes.

In a bid to celebrate how small companies are using humour to boost sales, the financial firm teamed up with comedian Darren Walsh to pen a series of retail-related puns.

The Telegraph

Fish Pun Day

Seafood Week asked me to come up with some puns for their #FishPunDay campaign (and got me to pose with fish). I also went on various radio stations. Due to miscommunication, some of them thought I was a ‘Fish’ expert, soon realising that I wasn’t after listening to me speak in fish puns.

I’ve found my happy plaice!

I use the oil from this fish to style my hair.It makes brill cream.

This reminds me of that song: Fins can only get better, by D-Bream

I need to con-sole myself

Eating scallops was a mystery at first, but then I solved it. Open and shut case.

These fish are great for throwing around whilst dancing to Spanish pop music. It’s called The Mackerelna