Cannes: Straight 8 ZomBeef Premiere

Straight 8: Make a short film on one cartridge of super 8 without editing.

PassesWe found out we were in this years Cannes selection about a week before the screening. Neither of us had been Cannes before so it took lot of last minute organising and guesswork.

We got dropped off at the harbor from Nice Airport about 2pm and spent a good hour fumbling about with our luggage looking for the temporary badge office before we collected our Cannes passes, we didn’t know what that got us. We’re still not sure actually.

Straight 8 2010 Poster

EdEd & Will were waiting to interview us on the beach. After setting up our tents and few Demi’s later we finally made it down at 8pm where we were instantaneously whisked onto the beach by Ed for the interview. No sooner had it finished when Ed vanished and uploaded it on the internet! Texts were coming in from the UK.

The showing wasn’t on until 9pm so we were drawn towards free beers and nibbles in American Pavilion next door. We were apprehended by an earnest film director who insisted we came in and watched her film because her friend had died 2 weeks ago and the film was dedicated to her. We guiltily agreed and sneaked out just before 9 for our showing.

There were 8 films being shown and 8 directors were seeing their film for the first time along with the rest of the audience. The event was streamed live on the internet as part of Straight 8’s 8th anniversary and ours was second up. We weren’t expecting most to come out as we had a lot of camera exposure problems but it all came out great.

Cannes Beach

Straight 8 Crowd

Leanne Flinn & Friends

Highlights included Rob Oldfield’sThe Invention where everything was seemingly shot in Black and White, Will & Gorge’s Twice Upon A Time(flaunting their super8 camera skills), and Leanne Flinn‘s Eli – my personal favourite. It was a great night.

You can view all the films here:

(ZomBeef is about 6:10 minutes in) Straight 8 2010 Cannes Selection

Networking and meeting people seems to happen naturally in Cannes. By the end of our trip I had a wallet full of business cards.

It was a great adventure and I would recommend Straight 8 to anyone. Don’t think about it, just enter for 2011.