Edinburgh 2013

I have a very busy timetable at Edinburgh this year. 80 gigs in total. This is my daily schedule:

12pm Big Value Showcase.

…bringing you the best of the up-and-coming talent for almost 20 years. These comedians are about to hit the big-shot, so come and catch them here first. Our lunchtime launchpad for future legends! Previous Big Valuer’s include Jon Richardson, Sarah Millican, Micky Flanagan and Seann Walsh.

2:30pm Atella The Pun.

Improvised punning! Dressed an ancient warlords Atella the Pun and Ghengis Pun. Different show every day and quite possibly more jokes than any other Fringe show.

4:45pm Darren Walsh: I am a Giant..

Me going solo. This is my main show. No pressure then. I’ve made the Top 10 Free Shows in Timeout, and also in Laugh Out London!

And here are a few other shows I’m appearing in:

18th Aug, 6:40pm Chortle: Fast Fringe.

3 minutes to impress. How many jokes can I cram in?

15th Aug, 6:15pm Amused Moose Gangshow.

This year, Hils showcases new and upcoming acts in the Caves.

15th Aug, 6:05pm Pun Run Edinburgh.

There’s no other gig where I walk in and think, “I’m home…”

15th Aug, 10pm Joke Thieves.

Comedians are made to do each others sets. I’m really looking forward to seeing someone try and beat up a horse.

Plus many more