NATY 2013

I got placed 3rd in the New Act of the Year. With Paul F Taylor and Sam Savage claiming 1st and 2nd place. Both thoroughly deserved.

It was a brilliant night.

NATY 2013

There’s a review of it here: New Act of the Year Final 2013 – The Stage

Blasting into the third place spot was energised stand-up Darren Walsh; a tall guy with a big talent for short jokes. Following in the footsteps of quick-fire comics like Tim Vine, Walsh has an obvious love for puns, and is seriously skilled with physical comedy.

If his opener about asking a shop assistant to wrap something, prompting them to burst into rap, lacked originality in the writing, his sharp, full-bodied delivery sold it to the crowd. Then it was onto a mix of word play and sight gags, with lines like