Edinburgh 2010 musings

Right now I’m on a train going along the coast from Edinburgh to London wondering why haven’t I been to the Fringe before.

I started earlier this year, more or less with my eyes closed. I hadn’t seen much in the way of stand-up, apart from the occasional episodeof mock the week.During this time I have only been to amateur act nights in London. Imagine my shock after seeing the Fringe. I’m blown away.


Paul Foot – brilliant

Hans Teeuwen – utterly insane. Like a Dutch version of Jim Carrey on acid. Didn’t realise comedy like that was possible.

Idiots of ants – brilliantly slick and charming sketch show. I think they have a show on BBC 3 soon.

Andrew Colins – radio 6 dj who kept me entertained for an hour chatting about coping with the blandness of modern life.

But the best show was Kevin Eldon. This was without doubt the most incredibly funny thing I’ve ever seen. He plonked everything from the depths of his dark comedy mind and put it on stage. I think it’s his first Fringe show too. I hope he brings it to London.