Top 10 Free Shows in Edinburgh 2013

I was recently listed in TimeOut as one of the top 10 free shows to see at the Fringe this August. I felt the list needed extending. So, at the risk of losing comedian friends that I haven’t mentioned/forgotten, here are another 10:

1) David Mills – The Gospel Truth 5:30pm, Heroes @ the Hive

Straight after me (only giving me 15 minutes to pack all my props up). David Mills has a slick, charming demeanour. He won the NATY in 2011 and is a class act. This will be one of the best solo shows on the Free Fringe.

2) Kearse and Marrese: Raw and Uncut 11:45pm, City Cafe

Leo and Tony are great at ad-libbing with audiences, and let’s face it, at 11:45pm there’s going to be a lot of crowd interaction. They are both relentlessly funny people both on and off stage. Tony isn’t there till the 12th with Leo and guest acts before then.

3) Candi Gigi - I’m Fine, You? 6:30pm, The Street

I’ve never seen Trine Munk, but it’s worth going to see this to experience Candy Gigi alone. I say ‘experience’ as you may not be laughing. To quote an audience member “She was my least AND most favourite act of the night”. Enter at your own peril.

4) Luke Capasso – American History and Dick Jokes 12:15pm, Free Sisters

This isn’t in the Fringe programme and is only running between 16-25th August. Luke wants to keep it under the radar before he does a full run next year (sorry Luke). I saw a preview of this and it was great.

5) Künt and the Gang 10pm, Free Sisters

Not for the easily offended.

6) Adam Hess and David Elms 6pm, Heroes @ the Hive

Adam Hess‘s Twitter page. That is all you need to know.

7) Matt Price – Turkeygate, Tinky Winky & The Mafia. 6:30pm, Heroes @ the Hive

When conversations “who most deserves a big break?” spring up in long car journeys with other comedians, Matt’s name frequently pops up. Matt is a natural storyteller and I’ve seen him take on the most hardest of rooms. A worthy replacement for Chris Dangerfield’s show.

8) Darius Davies’ HBÖ Special 10pm, Meadow Bar

Another guy who deserve a break. Darius débuts his first solo hour on the Fringe. I can’t wait for him to get sued by HBO.

9) An Evening With Samantha 7:45pm, The Street

The best comedy in my opinion is, when you’re laughing, but not sure why. There are no jokes as such in this, and it’s not your usual character comedy. Just faffing. Lot’s of hilarious faffing.

10) Atella the Pun 2:30pm, Free Sisters

Dressing up as ancient conquerors Atella the Pun and Ghengis Pun, taking on suggestions from audience members and making improvised Puns? Could it work? Well, we did two previews of this and it was hilarious. This could work out better than my solo show.